What is surveying?

Surveyors carry out the necessary design, measurements, calculations, plan and document presentation involved in a particular survey.

When do I need my property surveyed?

Most commonly surveyors are used to create plans of existing conditions for design and development purposes, however we can also assist in adverse possession claims, subdivisions, title re-establishment and attaining net lettable area.

Can I subdivide my property?

Each parcel of land has to be treated individually and there is no single answer for all situations. Your local council would be the best place to start and if they are open to the idea, then we will happily assist you from there.

What type of survey do I require?

Re-Establishment Survey: To determine the position of your boundary fences or structures in relation to your title boundary.
Feature Survey: Creating a plan showing the existing conditions of the subject site and also adjoining properties, common for design purposes.
Site Analysis Survey: A larger version of the feature survey which encompasses a broad overlay of your site and adjoining sites for town planning applications. Surrounding houses across the street and 50m either side of the property are located to aid in determining the character of your neighbourhood.