The Company

CRA Survey Pty Ltd is a medium sized company based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The company aims to provide the best possible service to private clients, government authorities and local government alike. CRA Survey was realised through the combination of Chris Runting & James Sprott’s successful local practices, coming together in July of 2013. We have been able to maintain the focus on a quality service, as well as provide clients with all they may require to achieve their goals.

With our diverse list of employees and consultants, we are expertly placed to handle your specific development needs.

Company Philosophy

The Company is committed to:

  • Identifying each client’s specific requirements and ensuring these are satisfied
  • Conduct its business dealings in an honest and ethical manner
  • Develop the business by satisfying or exceeding client’s expectations
  • Providing value for money to clients
  • Providing a stimulating & challenging work place and encourage all staff to reach their potential
  • Provide a safe and attractive work environment
  • Being an equal opportunity employer
  • Keeping abreast of how Land Registry requirements due to changes in policy & legislation.
  • Identifying advances in technology that may benefit both us and our clients.